Named Accountable GP

As part of a new contractual requirement for 2015-16, all patients registered at a GP practice are allocated a named accountable GP.

What does 'accountable' mean?

The new contract requires the named accountable GP to be responsible for the co-ordination of all appropriate services required under the contract. This does not mean they will be the only GP or clinician who will provide care to that patient. The contract remains 'practice based' so overall responsibility for patient care has not changed. These responsibilities will be carried out within the opening hours of the Practice and do not change the way you currently access the out of hours service.

Will we write to patients to inform them of their named GP?

No. We will inform patients of their named GP at the next appropriate interaction.

Do patients have to see their named GP when they book an appointment?

No. Patients can choose to see any GP in the practice in line with current arrangements. If their preferred choice of GP or nurse is not available, an alternative will be offered.

Can patients choose their own named GP?

In the first instance, patients will be allocated a named GP. However, if a patient requests a different named GP, reasonable effort will be made to accommodate their preference.

All Patients registered at Walderslade Surgery have been allocated their named GP.

Named GPs for Over 75s

As part of our commitment to more personalised care for more patients with long-term conditions, all patients aged 75 and over will have a named accountable GP. This is in line with new government regulations.

All relevant patients will be contacted. This may mean we write to you, or may mean we tell you at your next appointment. In some cases, this information may be passed to you with your next prescription.

HOWEVER, you can still see the GP of your choice whenever you need to see a doctor - you don't have to see your named accountable GP if you prefer not to.